Shrink Wrap Systems

From stand-alone shrink wrappers to fully integrated systems including product collating and tray packing, OPTX shrink solutions offer innovative features that maximize performance, simplicity and package quality.

Shrink Wrappers

OPTX 80-105 S-Series Shrink Wrap Systems


Shrink wrapping for applications with upstream product collating and tray packing.

OPTX S-30/60 Shrink Wrappers
OPTX S-80/105 Shrink Wrappers

VS Series - 

Compact wrapper providing economical shrink wrapping of tray packed product.

VS-25/40 Series

Shrink Packers

OPTX Shrink Packers


Complete integrated machines for product collating, tray packing and shrink wrapping. Additional flexibility comes with SPS-Series options to produce film-only bundles and the OPTX WTS producing case packs.

OPTX SPS-30/60 Shrink Packers
OPTX SPS-80/105 Shrink Packers
OPTX WTS – Combination case and tray-shrink packer
  • Up to 70 or 80 packs/minute (based on pack size range)
  • Cases up to 20″ x 14″ x 16″ maximum

Multiwrappers – Shrink Bundlers

OPTX 80 105 M Series Shrink Bundlers


Fully integrated machine for collating and shrink wrapping without base trays.

OPTX M-60 Multiwrappers
OPTX M-80/105 Multiwrappers

Legacy Product Offerings

Contact Douglas for support and solutions related to any legacy product offerings.

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