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Being equipped with a well-trained staff who knows how to do their jobs well and operate your machines at their optimal performance begins with the proper training. Douglas offers a robust technical training program to ensure you and your staff have the skills and education necessary to streamline performance. 

Available Training Programs and Materials:

  • Introductory Hands-on Training
    • Start-up and Shutdown – best practices for starting up and shutting down your machine
    • Machine Changeover – execute the changeover process with ease
  • Formal In-person or Online Training (Focuses on Operation and Maintenance)
    • Training Manual
    • Multimedia Presentation
    • Job Aids (optional – see below)
  • Advanced Electrical Training (In-person or Online)
    • Training Manual
    • Multimedia Presentation
    • Job Aids (optional – see below)

Customized job aids are easy-access, simple instructions that are enhanced with color images and illustrations. These tools help operators and maintenance easily see how to perform specific tasks. 

Some examples of quick and easy job aids include:

  • Control panel descriptions provide an excellent operator guide for machine startup, shutdown and routine operation
  • Laminated site map of adjustment locations help increase the efficiency of machine adjustments
  • Easy step-by-step written and visual guide for replacement of shrink film knife blade
  • Quick reference changeover guide: A sturdy flip chart that includes a machine photo of each adjustment, changeover descriptions and a floor plan displaying adjustment points
  • Case blank folding procedure for relating machine adjustments to the case blank



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